Season 3 Episode Information

Episode 301

Around the World
Check out the premier of season 3! On this adventure, Jack takes you on whirlwind trip, from his home at the Columbus Zoo, to some of his favorite destinations in Africa, Australia and Florida.  Jack’s meeting up with the top elephant conservationists on the planet, releasing a rehabilitated koala back to his forest home, and getting down and dirty in gator country. Fasten your seatbelt for this trip Around the World!

Episode 302

Manatees and Mermaids
Come along with Jack as he heads to Florida’s gulf coast!  He and wife Sue learn the truth behind the legends of manatees and mermaids. Then, they get a once-in-a-lifetime experience swimming with manatees in Crystal River.  And, no trip to Florida would be complete without a journey for wild gators! 

Episode 303

Strays to Stars
Check out the ins and outs of animal training as Jack meets up with world-renowned trainer Joel Slaven. Jack and Joel give a very lucky animal at a local shelter a new lease on life and a starring role in Joel’s new show.  And, if you thought training dogs and cats was challenging, check out Jack trying to train lemurs, kangaroos and whole lot more!

Episode 304

Calgary Zoo
Join Jack and his wife Sue as they head to the Calgary Zoo in Alberta, Canada! From extremely endangered whooping cranes and powerful grizzly bears, to adorable red pandas and African hippos, this place has it all!  Jack’s crew even gets an extra special behind-the-scenes experience at the gorilla habitat.  This is one adventure you don’t want to miss.

Episode 305

A Grizzly Encounter
Come along with Jack on an adventure to bear country in Montana! Jack and some local bear experts come face-to-face with a grizzly that raided a family’s farmhouse.  Then Jack discovers amazing animal behaviors caught on tape by remote wilderness cameras… black bears, brown bears, mountain lions and much more!

Episode 306

Rolling Dog Ranch
Jack and his wife Sue are in Montana meeting up with some amazing people who are taking animal rescue to whole new level!  First, a couple that left big city life to run a ranch dedicated to animals in need. They meet blind and disabled dogs, horses and cats -- each with an amazing story.  Then, they head to a groundbreaking animal shelter. This is one adventure that is sure to touch your heart.

Episode 307

Hoofin’ it in Canada
Jack and Sue pack their bags and head to Alberta, Canada!  Come along as they encounter wild moose in the Canadian Rockies, cross paths with bighorn sheep and spot a gang of travelling elk.  Then Jack saddles up at a genuine Canadian guest ranch where a local cowboy gives him a few tips on horse riding.

Episode 308

Best of Rwanda
Join Jack and his family as they trek deep into the jungles of Rwanda and get a close-up look at wild, and extremely endangered, mountain gorillas.  And, they meet some of the generous souls who have dedicated their lives to helping Rwanda’s animals and communities thrive years after the genocide.  Rwanda’s one of Jack’s favorite places and it will be yours too!

Episode 309

Montana Hanna’s
Get a glimpse of Jack in his own backyard on this trip to Bigfork, Montana. Come along and check out Jack’s farm, complete with goats, cows, chickens and even campfire songs with his friends and neighbors, including the famed von Trapp family!  Then the Hanna’s take a picturesque horseback ride to observe a herd Rocky Mountain Elk.  And, Jack and Sue visit Triple D Game Ranch to get an up-close look at bears, wolves, and even an elusive cougar.

Episode 310

Sun River Ranch
Join Jack as he heads out on an adventure along the beautiful Sun River on the eastern front of the Rocky Mountains. After an amazing helicopter trip to the remote location, Jack goes behind-the-scenes at a trout hatchery. Then he and Sue exchange practical jokes while fly-fishing along the Sun River.  And, no trip to Montana would be complete with out an old-fashioned cattle drive.  

Episode 311

Orangutan Orphans
Come along with Jack on a trip halfway around the world to Borneo, Malaysia.  Jack heads straight for the world-class Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre that specializes in rehabilitating orphaned baby orangutans and releasing them back to their forest home. He and Sue go right to work helping the rangers with everything from bath time to feeding time, doctor check-ups and jungle training so that these adorable and endangered great apes can be released back into the wild. 

Episode 312

Discovery Wildlife Park
On this adventure, Jack is headed to Alberta, Canada for a day at the Discovery Wildlife Park.  He and Sue meet a couple who have dedicated their lives to helping some of Canada’s wildlife survive against the odds, like orphaned porcupines, beavers, and bears. Then Jack and Sue get some very valuable information on what to do if confronted with bear in the wild.

Episode 313

Singapore Zoo
Jack heads to Asia to visit an oasis in the bustling city of Singapore – the Singapore Zoo.  Regarded as one of the top zoos in the world, this open-concept park is full of surprises for Jack and Sue, like orangutans swinging in the trees just feet above their heads; and pygmy hippos, rhinos, chimpanzees, elephants and a whole lot more, including a visit to one of the world’s only night safari parks.  This is an adventure you won’t want to miss!

Episode 314

The Littlest Elephants
Join Jack as he travels to the remote Sukau River on the island of Borneo in Malaysia where he gets a seldom-seen look at pygmy elephants as they emerge from the rain forest.  Then after a dawn river boat excursion where Jack spots rare proboscis monkeys, a camouflaged pit viper, and curious long-tailed macaques; Jack treks through the rainforest to see orangutans in the wild – the only great ape he has yet to see in its native habitat. 

Episode 315

Best of Babies
Come along with Jack for a world tour of fun and fascinating baby animals! From a newborn baby koala and an adorable black rhino, to some rambunctious gorillas and little orangutans that will take your breath away, this is an unpredictable adventure you won’t want to miss.

Episode 316

Man and Nature
Join Jack on this unforgettable journey as he connects with some of the selfless heroes of the animal world. From a retirement home for horses in the states, to world-renowned elephant conservationists in Kenya and researchers working on the front lines to save Tasmanian Devils and Koalas in Australia. Each and every one he meets along the way has dedicated their lives to helping animals in need.

Episode 317

Canada’s Jewels
Jack travels to Canada to check out four World Heritage sites in beautiful Alberta.  He kicks off his journey from Waterton, the first international peace park. Then Jack gets down and dirty at Dinosaur Provincial Park where he uncovers animals from the dinosaur age, and lends a hand to a snake researcher working in this unique habitat, all before heading to Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies.

Episode 318

Borneo’s Wildest
Join Jack as he visits the tropical island of Borneo in Malaysia where he comes face-to-face with unique proboscis monkeys.  Then Jack ventures into a bat cave and is up to his ears in bats, bugs and guano! Come along for the trip of a lifetime to Southeast Asia!

Episode 319

Discovery Singapore
Jack travels to exotic Singapore for an adventure filled with some of the most fascinating creatures in the world. From swimming with a rare dugong, to getting up close and personal with pink dolphins and unique insects, Singapore is loaded with interesting animal experiences. Not to mention Jack’s visit to a local market where he has the strangest meal of his life.   

Episode 320

Asian Elephant Adventure
Jack loves elephants and if you do to, join in as he heads to Malaysia to lend a helping hand at an elephant conservation center that is working to save the endangered species. From babies to bull elephants, Jack is at ground zero for Asian Elephant conservation!

Episode 321

Snakes Alive
Borneo has some of the most diverse wildlife on Earth, and Jack is there to find it!  Join in as he explores Bako National Park on the South China Sea. This is a Malaysian adventure filled with snakes and lots more!

Episode 322

Crocs, Snakes & Caves
Jack is in Malaysia getting a little closer than he would like to lots and lots of crocodiles! Then he has an unforgettable encounter with a King Cobra before trekking up into Batu Caves just outside of Kuala Lampur.