Season 2 Episode Information

Episode 201

A Fiji Fish Story
Check out the premier of season two!  Jack’s in the Fiji Islands where he and his family prepare for the most hands-on fishing trip of their lives. Find out how the local people catch dinner using vines.   Then they get a look at the top-secret methods used to create the most colorful pearls in the world.  And, a blue-footed booby tries to make friends with Jack.

Episode 202

Along the Billabong
Come along with Jack as he heads to Melbourne, Australia. Jack and his family meet a seldom-seen monotreme – the platypus, help veterinarians at a groundbreaking hospital and walk up to wild emus. Of course, no trip to Australia is complete without seeing some kangaroos!

Episode 203

Adventure Fiji
Jack is back in Fiji where he meets a recently discovered species! Join the Hanna family as they literally see-through this species, release an endangered sea turtle and learn just how important bats are to the ecosystem…and to inspecting Jack’s hair!

Episode 204

A Bird in the Hand
Join Jack and his family as they visit an Australian rainforest and have birds eating out of their hands. Then the whole family goes climbing to find out how life is like in the treetops and Jack discovers a rare wild bird that answers to the name, “Mr. Whippy”!

Episode 205

Australia Zoo: Old Friends & New
The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, dedicated his life to helping animals. Today Jack is traveling to visit Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin and see first-hand how Steve’s dream turned into a reality as the Hanna family meets up with the Irwin family at the Australia Zoo. They get a behind-the-scenes look at Sumatran tigers, elephants, and you guessed it, crocodiles!

Episode 206

Devils, Wombats & Roos
Come along with Jack and the gang to Tasmania where they’re checking out some of the most unique animals on the planet at Trowunna Wildlife Park. They meet an incredibly cute baby wombat, get up-close and personal with some hungry devils, then Jack gets a “quoll” from a seldom-seen marsupial, plus kangaroos and koalas!

Episode 207

Koalas of Cape Otway
Jack and Sue travel Down Under to visit one of the newest and greenest animal sanctuaries in Australia.  They meet up with an inspiring young couple that is running a totally sustainable B&B while caring for orphaned and injured wildlife.  Jack and Sue help release a rehabilitated koala back into the wild!

Episode 208

Tazzie Terror
Jungle Jack is heading into devil country in Tasmania, Australia to meet up with leading-edge researchers who are working to save Tasmanian Devils from a deadly cancer that is wiping out the population. Then come along with Jack and daughter Suzanne on a mission to find wild platypus.

Episode 209

Best of Fiji
Come along with Jack and his family for their most memorable adventures in Fiji! See Jack dive with a bull shark, encounter a highly venomous sea snake and get in a sticky situation with a sea creature. Then Jack takes part in some local traditions and learns of Fiji’s ominous past.

Episode 210

Join Jack as he heads to Australia’s Gold Coast. Meet a rare blue-eyed koala, feed a Tasmanian devil and watch a tiger jump over Jack! Things get messy when Jack meets up with some boys from the outback and tries his hand at an Aussie tradition.

Episode 211

Bruny Island
Take a trip with Jack and the Hanna family to Bruny Island in Tasmania. See an all-white wallaby, watch wild fur seals at play and go on a thrilling boat ride on the Tasman Sea that ends with a surprise dolphin encounter.

Episode 212

Florida Keys
Go behind the scenes of animal care with Jack to a special turtle hospital in Marathon, Fla. See what it takes to rehabilitate the reptiles and watch a release back Into the Wild! Then Jack visits the Dolphin Research Center and brushes-up on his animal communication skills.

Episode 213

Best of Australia
If you love animals, like Jack, visiting the land Down Under pays off big time! From the loveable Koala to the feisty Tasmanian Devil, this adventure to the other side of the world uncovers some of the most unique animals on the planet.  Plus Jack and his family get a special tour of the Australia Zoo from the Irwin family.

Episode 214

Billie Swamp Safari
Jack heads to Seminole country in the Florida Everglades and gets way more than he bargained for, from a cottonmouth water moccasin with a bad attitude, to a swamp buggy with no brakes.  This adventure’s got him uncovering alligator nests, and wranglin’ some big gators that need to be released back into the wild.  This is one adventure you don’t want to miss!

Episode 215

Best of Kenya
When you’re in Kenya, “wild” doesn’t even begin to describe the experience. Join Jack as he takes his adventures to a whole new level with this journey through one of Africa’s most pristine wild places.  He finds baby elephants, rhino, cheetah, lions, hippos and whole lot more!