Season 1 Episode Information

Episode 101

Lewa: Fast and Deadly
Check out the first season of Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild.  It’s the same old Jack, only better!  Join Jack in Kenya as he tracks a trio of hunting cheetah, braves a pack of scavenging jackals, and then with wife Sue meets an extremely endangered and undeniably cute baby black rhino.

Episode 102

Lewa: Great and Small
Jack’s on a mission in Kenya and he’s heading straight for the world’s largest land mammals -- African elephants and white rhinos!  And, we all know Jack never forgets the little guys, join in as he uncovers some delicate and vital relationships in the animal kingdom.

Episode 103

Bloopers, Blunders and Behind-the-Scenes
If you thought your home movies were embarrassing, just wait until you get a load of Jack’s bloopers.  Join Jack behind-the-scenes for some of his most memorable moments like getting pecked by an ostrich, tangling with a snake, taking fashion advice from a Samburu warrior and more!

Episode 104

Road to Recovery
Join Jack in a place near and dear to his heart, Rwanda’s Akagera National Park, where he finds new hope for wildlife after years of turmoil.  Then Jack gets up close and personal with the biggest wild elephant he’s ever seen in his life!

Episode 105

Gorillas of Rwanda - Part One
Jack travels to Rwanda where he meets up with some old friends and makes some new ones at two very different, but inspirational orphanages. Join Jack and his family as they encounter extremely rare golden monkeys while trekking through the jungle in search of endangered mountain gorillas. Then Jack holds an impromptu golf tournament with his beloved camera crew. 

Episode 106

Gorillas of Rwanda - Part Two
Jack and his family travel into the mountain gorillas’ homeland, deep in the jungles of Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park.  With only 700 of these great apes left in the wild, they learn first-hand what’s being done to save the gentle giants.  And, with Jungle Jack as their guide, the Hanna’s have a ton of fun along the way.

Episode 107

Chimps and Conservation
Join Jack and his family as they search high and low for chimpanzees in Rwanda’s Nyungwe Forest.  Then they get up close and personal with some colobus monkeys.  And, Jack meets up with an old friend who’s pioneering a conservation effort for the local women.

Episode 108

Dry Days in Samburu
Jack travels to the picturesque lands of Samburu National Reserve in Northern Kenya where he finds hope for animals like lions, gerenuk and Cape buffalo that have been surviving through a long drought.  Then Jack embraces his inner warrior in true Samburu fashion.

Episode 109

Comin’ Home
Jack’s animal experiences have taken him all over the world, but this adventure is one of his wildest yet. Jack’s comin’ home to the Columbus Zoo in Ohio where he gives his grandkids a behind-the-scenes tour. Join in as they learn the ins and outs of zoo keeping, while meeting up with amazing animals like elephants, a clouded leopard and a baby koala.

Episode 110

Into the Wilds
Join Jack and his family as they head into The Wilds of Ohio to visit a 10,000-acre conservation center that’s home to over 25 species.  Before enjoying a blissful night camping under the stars, they take a closer look at some very unique animals like Szechwan takins, Bactrian camels, rhinos and even a cheetah!

Episode 111

Save the Elephants
From the far reaches of the beautiful Samburu lands in Northern Kenya, come along with Jack for an unforgettable elephant adventure, with legendary Save the Elephants founder Iain Douglas Hamilton.

Episode 112

Field of Dreams
Come along with Jack and wife Sue as they pay a visit to the sunny state of Florida’s most unique and inspirational retirement home. They meet up with an amazing couple who is spending their golden years in a labor of love: providing a safe and peaceful retirement for horses that would otherwise be forgotten.

Episode 113

Return to the Masai Mara
Wild is just a way of life on Kenya’s Masai Mara. Join Jack as he visits one of his favorite African destinations while enjoying beautiful unspoiled vistas, meeting amazing Masai people and getting up-close and personal with the animal population, including lions, elephants, hyenas, ostriches and more! 

Episode 114

Flying High over the Masai Mara
Come along with Jack on an amazing safari through Kenya’s Masai Mara as he braves the rushing Mara River filled with Hippos and Nile Crocs.  Then Jack explores wildlife after dark, before topping off his trip with an unforgettable hot-air balloon ride high above the majestic land.

Episode 115

Lake Nakuru
Join Jack as he journeys to Lake Nakuru National Park where wildlife is prospering in Central Kenya. The thriving eco-system is home to more than a million flamingos, endangered white and black rhinos, and the rare Rothschild giraffe. Jack also visits with an inspiring American conservationist working in the region.

Episode 116

Conservation in Kenya
Jack is heading to Mt. Kenya where not one, but two extinct species are about to make a comeback. Come along with Jack as he discovers how the elusive bongo antelope and the stunning white zebra are being reintroduced Into to the Wild.

Episode 117

Santa Fe Teaching Zoo
Jack’s heading back to school! Join in as he meets up with the zookeepers of tomorrow at the Santa Fe Teaching Zoo in Gainesville, Fla. where he gets a lesson in training a kookaburra, shifting a trio of Galapagos tortoises, and whole lot more!

Episode 118

Nairobi Animal Orphanage
Today we’re heading just outside the city limits of Nairobi, Kenya where conservation efforts are proving that man and nature can co-exist. Jack and Sue meet up with renowned conservationists Chryssee and Esmond Bradley Martin and see hyenas, warthogs and even a cheetah, before searching for white rhino in Nairobi National Park.

Episode 119

Elephant Orphans
Experience a side of Kenya you’ve never seen before as Jack journeys to Nairobi where he and Sue learn to care for baby elephant orphans at a truly groundbreaking animal nursery.   Then they come face to face with some of the country’s tallest citizens – the endangered Rothschild giraffe. 

Episode 120

Jack’s Favorite Babies
Everybody loves baby animals – especially Jack and Sue! Check out some unpredictable moments from undeniably cute babies like wombats, koalas, elephants -- and even a black rhino named after you know who.

Episode 121

Diving with Sharks
Get ready for one of Jack’s best adventures yet, because the Hanna’s are heading to the South Pacific island nation of Fiji. They get a taste of the local flavor and explore life under the surface, including a scuba diving expedition into shark-infested waters where they come face to face with a huge tiger shark!

Episode 122

Seaing Snakes
Jack and family brave the unpredictable weather and visit the beautiful islands of Fiji.  A trip to see red-footed boobies quickly turns into a sea snake-infested island expedition.  Then they visit the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort to check out a magnificent coral reef.